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Palliative Care

Pain management


Chronic disease

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Palliative care is an emerging and exciting field of veterinary medicine. At VETCARE2U, we love the golden oldies! We perform quality of life assessments that can identify pain and discomfort your pet may be experiencing. We then come up with a treatment plan that will ensure your pets comfort as they approach end stage care. 
When the time comes, we will provide the support and advice you need as you make end of life decisions for your pet.

Does Your Pet Need Palliative Care?

Your pets become a part of your family, and seeing them suffer through illness or old age is often a heartbreaking experience. Pet palliative care is an emerging field of veterinary science aimed at improving animal quality of life by easing pain, increasing appetite, improving mobility and helping them enjoy their senior years. VETCARE2U offers reliable palliative pet care in Redlands, Brisbane and Gold Coast to help you and your pets enjoy more quality time together as they near their final years.


What is Palliative Care for Pets?

Palliative care aims to reduce discomfort and suffering for your pet. A quality-of-life assessment can help you gauge their overall wellbeing to determine the extent of the treatment plan. We typically suggest palliative care for animals that suffer degenerative illnesses with no available cure. The treatment may include one or all of the following approaches:

  • Medication. Numerous pharmacological treatment options are available to relieve the symptoms associated with various chronic illnesses and improve your pet’s quality of life. Pain medication, acupuncture, and chemo or radiation therapy are widely prescribed palliative options that may form part of your pet’s treatment plan.

  • Physical therapy. Your vet can perform a massage on your pet to help improve circulation and relax the muscles. Massage also reduces your pet’s stress and offers you an opportunity to bond with them at home. Physical therapy may also include mobility exercises to help your pets move comfortably and confidently during daily activities. Your vet may suggest chiropractic adjustment to help manage musculoskeletal pain in some cases.

  • Nutritional supplements. Keeping your pet healthy during treatment can help to improve their overall wellbeing and prevent further discomfort. Veterinarians may suggest dietary adjustments for your pet to ensure they are ingesting all the nutrients they need for healthy living. Additional supplements are also usually available as capsules, gels, or liquids.

Signs Your Pet May Need Palliative Care

Chronic pain is often left undiagnosed in pets, and taking them for regular check-ups can help identify and manage any health concerns. We typically recommend palliative care for cats and dogs that display symptoms of chronic discomfort. Here are some signs your pet may be suffering and could benefit from palliative treatment:

  • Physical discomfort. Your pet may not always display obvious signs of pain, such as whimpering or crying. Refusal to eat specific types of food or reluctance to eat at all may indicate chewing pain or digestion difficulties. Excessive panting often means discomfort in dogs, and tense facial features or body language may indicate discomfort in cats.

  • Behavioural changes. If your pet is lethargic, there is a high chance that they are in pain. Cats and dogs often lose interest in activities they once enjoyed, such as playing or hunting, when they are in chronic discomfort. Cats often neglect their natural grooming habits and may hide or cower away from human affection when in pain.

  • Unusual temperament. Knowing your pet’s personality can help you determine their general wellbeing. Animals often display aggression and fear when in pain - unusual biting, growling, scratching, or hissing may indicate an underlying health concern. Take your pet to the vet if they are constantly in a poor mood.


Choose VETCARE2U for Reliable Palliative Pet Care

VETCARE2U provides comprehensive palliative care for dogs and cats. Our dedicated team is passionate about caring for animals, and we strive to soothe pain, manage discomfort and improve their quality of life through our treatment plans. We understand the unique bond you share with a special pet, and we aim to help you create many more memories together despite illness or old age.

Contact us for more information.

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